Uvs Lake

Mongolia travel destinations: Uvs LakeSulphate and natrium concentrated Uvs Lake known as the the largest lake in Mongolia located in the Uvs Nuur Basin inscribed on the World Heritage Site in 2003, at 36km north-east of Ulaangom city, center of Uvs aimag. The northeastern tip of the lake is situated in the Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation. Lake length - 84km, width - 79km; total area - 3350 hectares. The surface of Uvs Lake is located at 759m (2490ft) above sea level, with a maximum depth of 29m (6.5ft). Scientists have determined that Uvs Lake is a remainder of a huge saline sea which covered a much larger area several thousand years ago. 38 rivers flow into Uvs Lake including Tes, Nariin, Kharkhiraa, Turgen, Borshoo, Sagil, Khundlun, Khandgai and Torkhilog. Uvs Nuur Basin also contains burial mounds (kurgans) and stone tablets (steles) of which many date back to the Paleolithic Era. Main tourist activities: fishing, kayaking, rafting, trekking, hiking, camping, horseback riding, camel riding, bird-watching, enjoy the natural beauty.

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