Fauna of Uvurkhangai aimag

Fauna of Uvurkhangai aimagUvurkhangai aimag is home to many endangered animals of forest, taiga and Gobi regions. 38 species of animals of 26 genus, 12 families and 4 orders inhabit the aimag territory. In Khangai region, deers, antelopes, steppe foxes, wolves and wildcats are found. Whereas in the Gobi region Argali the wild sheep, Ibex wild goats, white antelopes, black tailed gazelles and snowcocks are plenty. World and nation widely endangered animals that are included in the World Red Book such as Khulan the wild ass, endangered species of lynx and leopard, and Daguur hedgehog live in the Gobi areas. Dragonfly (tipulidae), mosquito (culicidae), midge (simuliidae), chironomidae fly, syrphydae fly and tephritidae fly are plenty in Uvurkhangai aimag. From insect species that are found in the aimag, Papilio machaon is the only species that is listed in the Mongolian Red Book.

Also, 14 species of fish of 8 families belonging to the Arctic Ocean Basin community are widely found in the aimag and among them are an endangered sturgeon (acipenser baeri baicalensis) that is included in the Mongolian Red Book and a rare fishery species of a grey muller (hucho taimen). 163 species of birds belonging to 98 genus, 42 families and 15 orders live in the territory of Uvurkhangai aimag. Out of them 95 species of migrant birds, 35 species of sedentary birds, 28 species of pass through migrant birds, 3 species of birds that spend winter in the area and occasionally 2 species of birds were counted. 6 species of endangered birds that are listed in the Mongolian Red Book such as spoonbill, whooper swan, goose, white tail aquatic eagle, penduline tit and sandpiper live in the area of Uvurkhangai aimag.

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