Flora of Uvurkhangai aimag

Flora of Uvurkhangai aimagKhangai vast forest and taiga are spread throughout the north of Uvurkhangai aimag's territory. Steppe plants are found in the eastern parts and gobi plants are found in the southern parts of the aimag. Pine, birch, cedar, larch and evergreen trees grow in the high mountain regions. Aspen, bushes, poplar and black elder tree grow in the low lands of the river valleys. Larch occupies 131.7 thousand ha, cedar 18.4 thousand ha, bush 0.1 thousand ha, saxaul tree 52.4 thousand ha of the natural grown forest. Uvurkhangai aimag's vegetation is dominated with the steppe community plants such as Stipa baicalienesis, Stipa kriloÒ¯i, Leymus chinensis, Bupleurum scopzonerifolium, Galium Ò¯erum and Astragalus melilotoides belonging to the Eurasian great steppe region, Mongolian steppe region and Middle Khalkh sub-regions vegetation community.

The mountain and steppe region, herbs, couch grass and stipa belonging to Daguur-Mongol and Eastern Mongolian vegetation community are also dominant in Uvurkhangai aimag. Out of total 139 species of plants, 4 species are woody plants, 12 species are edible, 21 species are herbs, 2 species are berries, 52 species are nutritional pasture plants, 6 species are decorative plants and 1 species is technical plant respectively in the aimag.

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