Geography of Uvurkhangai aimag

Geography of Uvurkhangai aimagUvurkhangai aimag's territory consists of a Khangai (mountain steppe region), steppe and Gobi regions. The aimag is occupied with a steppe in the central part, with the Branch Mountains of the Altai Range and sandy steppe in the southern part, with the Branch Mountains of the Khangai Range in the northern part of the aimag. A wooded-steppe occupies 23.0% of the Uvurkhangai aimag territory while a steppe occupies 28.2% and desert-steppe occupies 48.8% of the territory respectively. Since Uvurkhangai aimag is divided into three different natural zones, it is rich with natural resources. Plenty of high mountains and hills that are elevated at 2,000-3,590m above sea level such as Khyatruun and Bituut of Khangai Range, Bagabogd and Myangan Yamaat of Mongol-Altai Range.

Moreover, 24 meters high, beautiful waterfall of Orkhon River named "Ulaan Tsutgalan", naturally created unique Khuisiin Naiman lakes and Tamchiin Yol Cliffs at an elevation of 2,500m above sea level, exist in this aimag. Also, many eye-widening steppes such as Arvaikheer, Shagj, Doloodoi, Khongor, Guchingiin Tal and Orkhon Valley lies in Uvurkhangai aimag. The northern part of the aimag is occupied with the Branch Mountains of the Khangai Range whereas the southern part is occupied with the steppe. Bagabogd and Artsbogd mountains lie in the southern steppe of the aimag.

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