Meteorology of Uvurkhangai aimag

Meteorology of Uvurkhangai aimagUvurkhangai aimag's average air temperature of January is -18.1°C and at the coldest it reaches -44°C. For 36 days in winter the temperature drops down to -30°C or below. The cold weather continues for about 180 days of the year and the remaining half of the year is warm, therefore, the annual average temperature is 0°C. The average annual precipitation is 354.5mm in Uvurkhangai aimag. It is common to have heavy rainfalls and sometimes the precipitation reaches 46mm a day. The most of the annual precipitation of Uvurkhangai aimag falls during the summer 3 months. Statistics show that during the warm seasons it precipitates for about 336mm and in the cold seasons for 18.2mm. 62 days of the warm season gets rainfall and 36 days of the cold season gets snow.

According to this precipitation route, monthly average air humidity is 50-70%. The average wind speed is 4.2-5.2m/sec throughout the year. Spring and fall are the windiest months and the continuation of the wind blow is comparatively longer than the other seasons in Uvurkhangai aimag.

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