Rivers and Lakes of Uvurkhangai aimag

Rivers and Lakes of Uvurkhangai aimagBig rivers like Orkhon, Ongi, Taats and Ar Agui flow through Uvurkhangai aimag territory. Large lakes like Ulaan Tsutgalan, Naiman Nuur and Taatsyn Tsagaan and numerous springs like Khujirtyn, Mogoit, Khyatruun, Khuremtiin, Taats, Mustiin, Khuren Khad, Khorkhoi Turuu and Takhiin all belong to this aimag.
Central regions of Uvurkhangai aimag have many springs, rivers and lakes, such as Budant, Khar Khusht, Ulaan lakes, Uliastai, Bituut, Khyatruun, Ulaan, Khunug, Khamar, Mogoit and Moilt rivers that take course from the Khangai Mountain Range and flow into the Orkhon River.

According to the national surface water registration in 2004, 7 lakes including Shar Burd, Tsagaaan, Azar and Duut, 27 rivers, 13 dried up rivers, 48 springs and 4 medicinal springs were officially counted in the territory of the Kharkhorin sum of Uvurkhangai aimag.
Out of dozens of rivers that flow into the Orkhon River, the biggest ones are Tamir, Khugshin Orkhon, Tuul, Yeruu, Kharaa and Sharyn rivers. For 140-160 days a year, the rivers are covered in ice in aimag.

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