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Soil of Uvurkhangai aimag
Soil of Uvurkhangai aimagMountain dark brown soil is spread throughout the northern part of Uvurkhangai aimag, steppe brown soil throughout the eastern regions, Gobi gray and sandy soil throughout the southern regions of the aimag. Central and northeastern regions of the province have an Early Mesozoic Era sandy stone and hornstones, southwestern region has Cretaceous Period moraines. Coal (in Bayanteeg sum) and construction material recourses are plenty in the aimag. Bayanteeg coal mine, established in 1961, supplies Bayankhongor, Arkhangai and Uvurkhangai aimags with coal.

According to the geological research, 4 gold deposits and 10 detections, 9 precious metal, 4 nonferrous metal, 2 iron ore, 4 mineral paint, 1 salt deposit and 12 construction material resource deposits have been found in Uvurkhangai aimag. The mountains of the aimag belonging to the Orhkon Valley region consist of Devonian uncategorized rocks, granite, Lithium fluoride granite, granodiorite, leucogranite, granosyenite, syenite and alkaline of mid Mesozoic era and of rock compositions of mid and early quaternary periods.
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