Zaisan Hill Memorial

Attractions in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia: Zaisan Hill War MemorialOne of the places that Mongolians like to go and spend their free time is Zaisan Hill (Zaisan Tolgoi). It's a small mountain where on the top was built 24 meters height monument due to the 40th anniversary of victory at the Khalkh river (Khalk Gol) in 1979. Memorial honors soldiers who died and were unaccounted for (missing in war) during the World War II (WWII 1939-1945). This place is famous for its sightseeing, because many just married young couples visit the Zaisan Hill to show the respect to the soldiers and it is one of the favorite places for students to celebrate their graduation, school outings. Nowadays it becomes a crowded place, especially in the evening to see the night lights of UB and breathe fresh air. To get on the top of this mountain you need to go through 620 steps, when approach to the Zaisan Hill you will see the Tank monument, that replaced from downtown a decade before. The tank was used during WWII.

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