Flora and fauna of Zavkhan aimag

Flora and fauna of Zavkhan aimagFauna. Bears, wild boars, roe deer, deer, Argali the wild sheep, wild goats, leopards, wolves, foxes, steppe foxes, wildcats, badgers, lynxes, rabbits, hares, marmots, black tailed gazelles and antelopes that inhabit the different geographical regions are widely found in Zavkhan aimag. Forest, alpine and steppe birds and migrant birds inhabit the area of the province. Endangered species of birds like snowcock, quail, wood grouse, swan, pelican, falcon, and hawk are also found in the aimag. Khar and Bayan lakes are abundant with different species of fish.

Flora. Larch grows in the Khangai Bulnai, Tagnyn ranges and in their branch mountains. Cedar forest covers the Tarvagatain mountain range. Potatoes, different types of vegetables, and sea buckthorn are grown in Ider, Tes, and Bogd river valleys. The northern and eastern parts of Zavkhan aimag are covered with forest and taiga. Steppe vegetation is spread throughout the southern parts of the aimag. Wild berries are abundant in the forests of the aimag.
Due to its distinctive geological, geographical and climate features the aimag has a wide range of flora. 17 sum areas out of the 23 sums of Zavkhan aimag are more or less covered with larch and broadleaved forest. Also over 10 different types of berry bushes like black currant, blueberry, black berry and gooseberry grows in those sums.
In Khangai regions of the aimag moss, sedge, kobresia, hippolitia trifida, ajania, juniper, agropyron, huckleberry and many other different species of mountain, meadow and steppe plants are widely found. By geographical vegetation division Zavkhan aimag belongs to the forest and steppe circle of Khangai mountain range and to the desert steppe circle of the Great Lake Depression, therefore floral species are very unique and distinctive.
Out of the 1,240 species of plants that are registered in the Khangai mountain region circle, 151 species are bushes and trees, 1,063 species are graminaceous plants. The desert steppe circle of the Great lake depression covers the most of the Zavkhan aimag territory. In this circle 666 species of plants are registered and out of that 96 species are bushes and trees and 570 species are graminaceous plants.

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