Geography of Zavkhan aimag

Geography of Zavkhan aimagZavkhan aimag occupies the wide area of mountains, steppe and deserts in the western part of Mongolia. The aimag borders with Khovd and Uvs aimags in the west, the Tuva Republic of the Russian Federation in the north, Khuvsgul and Arkhangai aimags in the east, Bayankhongor and Govi-Altai aimags in the southern part respectively.

As the Zavkhan aimag is located in the western part of the Khangai range, the whole territory of the aimag is mountainous. The capital Uliastai city is surrounded by many high mountains including the highest peak of Khangai range the Otgontenger and its branch mountains such as Tarvagatai (3,227m), Khurimt, Tudevtei, Gurvan Khaltar, Gyalgar and Bulnai mountain (2,619m) at its eastern part, by the branch mountains of the Tagnyn range in the northern part along the border line. Otgontenger mountains summit is currently calculated to reach an elevation of 4,008 meters above mean sea level (some earlier topographic maps record a maximum elevation of 4,021 m). The western part of Zavkhan aimag is occupied with steppes with river valleys, hills and hillocks.

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