Meteorology of Zavkhan aimag

Meteorology, soil of Zavkhan aimagMeteorology. Zavkhan aimag has an extreme continental climate. The average temperature in January reaches -20°C to -30°C and in July reaches +13°C to +22°C. The lowest ever recorded temperature was -53°C which was also the lowest for the whole Mongolia. The average annual precipitation is 400mm in the high mountain areas, 80-100mm in the western parts and 200-260mm in throughout the rest of the aimag.

Soil. Worain granite, Permian, Devonian, Carboniferous period metamorphic rocks are spread throughout the most of the territory of aimag Zavkhan. Copper (found in Oyut) and construction material resources are found in this province.

Alpine, taiga, forest steppe, steppe and dry desert soil mainly covers the territory of the aimag. Taiga soil covers the mountain regions; sand covers the western parts and steppe brown soil is spread throughout the southern parts of Zavkhan aimag. The northern and eastern parts of the aimag are covered with forest brown soil. Iron ore, tin, gold, copper, diamond, molybdenum ore, precious stones, alabaster, phosphates, construction material resources and different chemical elements are plenty in the area of Zavkhan province.

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