Rivers and Lakes of Zavkhan aimag

Rivers and Lakes of Zavkhan aimagZavkhan aimag territory lies in the different geographical regions. The aimag has over 200 springs and rivers with a steady current and over 100 big and small lakes. Among them are the Ider, Zavkhan, Tes, Mukhar, Khungui rivers and their inflows of Borkh, Yaruu, Shiree, Chigestei, Buyant, Shar-Us, Tumurt, Zart, Tsetsuukh, Khos Zaigal, Zuil, Uliastai, Ikh and Baga Bogd, and Chuluut rivers, the Khar Nuur, Telmen, Oigon, Khar Duruu, Bust, Ar and Uvur Badarkhundaga, Tsavdan, Chandmanii Khar, Bayan, Kholboo, Khukh Nuur and Tsagaan Nuur lakes, the Otgontenger, Bayanzurkh, Ulaankhaalga, Zart and Khojuulyn springs.

Dozens of lakes that are formed by the Ice Age moraine are located in the Buyant and Shar Us river valleys of Zavkhan aimag. The largest of them is 20 square kilometer Khukh Nuur Lake. All these lakes are connected to each other via small springs and drain their excess water into the Zavkhan River. Once the Zavkhan river passes the Khangai Mountain range, it flows towards the Great lakes deppression. Width of the course of the Zavkhan river around the Khangai range is 30 to 60 meters, depth is 0.6 to 2 meters and the current speed is 1-1.5m/sec and down from the mouth of the Bogd river the course width reaches 100 to 350m, depth reaches 0.7 to 1.5m and current speed reaches 0.7-1.2m/sec.

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